Project Description

Increased reach of 118,000 customers for HomeServe Alliance

One of the UKs leading home assistance providers with over 2 million customers who have a membership. Their services include but are not limited to plumbing, drainage, electrics and heating.


Test market – launch of an eCommerce for emergency ‘water’ related services business.

New eCommerce platform integration for selling services online. The services are providing emergency plumbing needs such as faulty tap or leaking radiator all the way through to boiler breakdown and replacement.


The work involved the integration of an existing web site of a water utility company with a new ‘eCommerce’ website:

  • Direct Mail integration and the creation of a DM catalogue piece to be distributed to a target list of existing water utility service clients.
  • PPC applied to direct external prospects searching online for emergency boiler repairs, leaking taps etc.
  • External door drop exercise in defined local area around the target area.
  • Radio adverts for local radio stations in the northern and southern area of London.

Customer profiling using various segments were then used de-duped against the clients database.

The targets were then benchmarked against a series of control groups.

So existing and new target segments could be tested effectively.



Radio reach




Country life inserts


JWater billing inserts


DM catalogue mailing

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