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PPC a keystone in gaining relevant traffic

The changing face of PPC

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising is one of the strongest forms of traffic generation online. Set the budget and you only pay when someone clicks on your ad. At Digital Web World we use a combination of display and search advertising, with options for re-marketing, mobile ads, device targeting and much more.

Finding the right keywords

We can analyse your Paid search keywords and also the terms that your competitors are using (we can also give this to you as a report), including Bing Ads and Google AdWords and enable you to find out more about your competitors, what are their top PPC Campaigns, how long they have been running their PPC Campaigns and much more.

We will also provide you with a whole host of ideas for your keyword pool. Our Keyword Research tools offer an excellent keyword matching option. With a list of alternate and phrase search queries, enabling you to increase web visibility opportunities.

Mapping out the PPC strategy

Once we have established the competition, its time to map out the PPC plan by being clear as to what you are trying to achieve. Use the Sales Funnel to determine how well you are doing and then find out where along the funnel you want to be. The funnel is a useful guide in seeing where your customers are in the life cycle.

Google AdWords

Bing Ads


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Digital Web World established the basis of what Maria Allen Boutique wanted to achieve with their PPC campaigns.

Investigating the target customers establishing their buying parameters and then looking at discrete micro marketing segments.

“ROI improved by 13%”

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Maximise your budget efficiency

We utilise your budget effectively making sure you see great returns.

Improve Visibility

Using the right keywords and optimising the ads effectively will see your brand visibility increase, leading to relevant traffic.

Maximising ROI

Managing your budget we achieve excellent return on investment by optimising the campaigns continuously as they’re running.

How we manage your PPC campaigns

  • Establishing your goals – A campaign is nothing without goals behind it. We establish these prior to working our magic.

  • Our in-house tools find the optimal keywords that will provide the best performance for the lowest CPC.

  • We have experts who live and breath PPC! They are very meticulous in getting the best results and accuracy in your campaigns.

  • We have Google and bing certified individuals in all forms of paid search advertising, from search only, to display advertising, re-marketing and everything in between. You can be sure your campaigns are in safe hands.

Friendly team who work with you every step of the way

We are committed to offering the best support, which get the best performance out of your campaigns.

Your own passionate and driven account manager

Our professional, accredited PPC account managers enjoy what they do and they make sure that it translates into ensuring you achieve maximum ROI.

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PPC fitted around you

We work within your budget, not under and not over, maximising performance regardless of size.

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