Useful digital marketing resources

With a brief look at your website you will see any errors, warnings and notices (if there are any), discovering some of the key issues that are affecting your site currently.

This represents a great opportunity to further improve your website and dominate your competition.

There is a lot of terminology in the Digital Marketing space and every so often a phrase or abbreviation comes up that doesn’t make any sense, unless you are in the know.

So we have compiled this Digital Glossary with the common and most likely terms you may come across.

We attempt to break down as much as possible any features, definitions and explanations that can help you stay in the loop. (We update the Digital Glossary daily, so be sure to check back often)

If you are struggling to come with ideas for content, whether its for a blog or email campaign. It can be really tricky to get motivated and have a structure to your marketing activities.

Planning out your marketing strategy is a key component to creating effective content. Thats why Digital Web World’s content calendar is designed to be a useful way of mapping out your marketing activities over a monthly period. Each month also includes useful insights and ideas to spark the imagination based on events and holidays that occur on any particular month.

It is free to download and only requires you to sign up to gain access.