Website health is just as important

Errors on your website

If a Webpage has any errors on it, an error being any broken link or scoring factors that will be negative in the search engines, then the impact on your website in the rankings can be catastrophic. In short you need no errors to rank effectively.

There are a whole list of errors that are listed here that can cause poor ranking factors.

Here is a list of the most common errors:

Broken links

There are a number of errors that can come from broken links and there are also a number of different broken links. These are the first thing that should be fixed on a website. Broken links causes server issues with your Website being able to rank, BUT, worst still your user experience suffers.

Duplicate content

Webpages are considered duplicate if the content on that webpage is the same or very similar to content on another page. Its phrased as duplicate content and can confuse search engines in that the search engines will not know which page to rank.

At worst your duplicated webpage can be banned and at the very best you will lose valuable ranking collateral. The page content here is very important and that includes the imagery.

We specialise in making sure the content that you have is well placed and unique looking after your unique content.

Fixing duplicate content errors on your website can be done by:

  • Providing unique content
  • Removing the duplicate content
  • Or you can add a rel=canonical link to one of your duplicates which effectively is a signal to the search engine to prioritise your webpage.

Duplicate title tags

These are bad if they are exact matches. Duplicatetags make it difficult for search engines to determine which page has the correct subject area and which should take precedent over the other. Duplicate title tags will results in your website having lower rankings and confusing them as to which title tag to follow.

We effectively ensure your title tags are optimised according to key word priorities resulting in higher rankings and greater click through rates.

Duplicate meta tags

Your meta tag data <meta> tag description is very important as it contains a very short summary of your Websites content. The<meta> tag description helps search

engines more easily purpose content to that search. It is also better not to have a <meta> tag description than have a duplicate. The impact on search results can be very severe if these are not dealt with very quickly.

We can ensure that your key words are correctly dealt to ensure that duplicate tags do not become an issue on your Website.

Along with improving Cape Horn Engineerings organic search we were also tasked with improving their website health.

“Website health increased by 14% after 1 day”


Speed of your website is critical in your rankings. All being equal if your website is hosted on a faster server with caching services to speed up loading content then you will rank better that your competition. This is why optimisation and in particular the technical side of optimisation is so important.


We can install a caching tool on your website and optimise it to get the best performance possible for your website.

Imagery optimisation

One element that affects page speed score the most is poorly sized and optimised imagery. We will optimise the imagery on your website efficiently and scale effectively.


The AMP project set up by Google aims to speed up blog posts and news articles by delivering them instantly  to mobile users, it also has the added benefit of being great for SEO. We can implement AMP onto your website and optimise the design for maximum traffic gain.