The power of Email Marketing

Need a hand with writing and creating emails but not sure where to start? Give us a call and we can help you create impactful email campaigns that engage your customers.

Email Automation with the ultimate marketing suite

Is email dead? Most certainly not! Email is still one of the most effective marketing campaigns for generating ROI, collecting data and utilising existing connections. Research shows that many companies aren’t taking advantage of automated email acquisition campaigns.

Rich data can be used for behavioural retargeting from sources such as Social Media, Website and Email to create revenue streams in both B2B and B2C environments.

Customer Contact Plan

We can help you to create relevant and timely content plans and schedules that fits perfectly with your other marketing activities to ensure an ongoing, multi-channel approach that will deliver results for your business.  

Copywriting with a difference

We will create copy that is engaging, follows email best practice and will deliver on your commercial objectives.  

Coding and testing 

All of our emails will be fully tested by our front-end developers to make sure they load and render beautifully across all email clients.  We can also help you to create email templates bespoke for your business needs that you can use to populate whenever you wish.

Sending, management and post-campaign review

We can manage the entire process of scheduling and sending your emails including post-campaign reports and analytics to uncover trends that will help to refine your opens and click-throughs to improve your conversions

We believe that to be really effective in Email Marketing you must really engage in a combination of behavioral science/phycology and combine with customer centred design along the customer journeys.

Landing page design takes experience and what we do is produce industry leading landing page experiences. Increasingly these are mobile based and include video ‘poppets’ for b2c brands and white paper snippets for b2b.

Landing page design is critical in continuing the consumer journey integrating the offers, producing all-important feedback and measurement.

Preference centres are a great way to reduce Email subscribers unsubscribes rates. They are usually placed as a link just before the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email helping to retain the potential prospect loss.