How we improve your SEO to get you to #1 on the search engines

Unlike Paid Media – SEO can’t be bought but after 10 years + in the SEO industry we know exactly how to earn it.

We understand how to play the long-game to give Google and Bing what it needs to impact your search presence. We have worked hard to create a formula that delivers strong, search-friendly and shareable content that is critical to SEO success and as a result will drive targeted leads to your front door. So let us take care of the technical elements of your business so you can do what you do best.

A team of professional SEO experts

Ready to help get the SERPs turning in your favour and resolve any issues that may arise.

technical marketing

We work with a whole suite of tools

Our professionals have years of experience with a multitude of different softwares and analytics tools, ready to help your website.

You’re in expert hands

At Digital Web World we are experts in SEO and wider digital marketing.

Your Website Optimised

+ Ranking In Google / Bing

+ Page Speed Optimisation

+ Optimised For Mobile

Building the strategy

Every business needs a strategy develop and grow. You may have scoured the web looking for techniques to get more from search engines for your business. After a sit-down consultation, Digital Web World will design a bespoke strategy built around your business and websites goals. Whether you have an established online presence, or you need a website built from scratch, our professionals will put into place the perfect Search Engine Optimisation  plan to suit your needs. The team at DWWorld have the expertise and experience to create innovative strategies that work, using the latest software tools to put you at #1 on search engines. By providing the best custom SEO, we ensure we maximise return on investment in the process.

Your customer is our most important client

We understand for businesses that one size won’t fit all and so the same SEO strategy won’t work for all sites.  We, therefore, take the time to get to know your company and understand what is important to your customers so we can adopt the appropriate techniques.

Go Local!

4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information and nearly 65% of all our clients have a requirement for getting to the very top of localised web searches.

We can help to position you where you belong in natural search results and get you seen in your corner of the local market.

Your business needs to be visible to get noticed by local consumers and businesses. We can ensure that your products or services appear clearly when they are searched for.

Local pack results are more important than ever in Bing, Google, and the various search engines. The importance of local search will continue as search engine algorithms drive for even greater user experience.

Digital Web World were tasked with improving Cape Horn Engineering’s organic search visibility, aiming to increase their presence in the competitive market of yacht building and racing. Additionally, we fixed all issues that were plaguing their website and hindering its performance.

“Organic traffic rose by 53% in the first month”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM?

SEM services take place after we have completed Search Engine Optimisation work on your site.

Our extensive SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services are based on world class standards that are tightly monitored and controlled through a powerful set of analytic suites. SEM services will provide a guaranteed improvement to get you into the very top positions of your website. Your SEM should all align to your business goals and the products or services you are selling. We work hard to drive traffic and make sure your SEM goal conversions you are working towards are achieved.

  • Submission to the major search engine – manually completed

  • Directory submissions to the relevant industry specific verticals you are in

  • Competitor audits looking at your competitors key word and search efforts

  • Backlink checking and audit scoring and benchmarking

  • Link Building pages created to improve SEO

  • Link requests to websites that have a higher Domain Authority and Trust Score

  • Technical copywriting to major directory services

  • Press Site releases and content written by our trained experts

  • Blog creation in major websites written by PR trained native speakers


Local Search

Mobile SEO

In-Depth Research

We won’t create a strategy that is only a couple of pages long. We carry out extensive site audits based around your goals as a business.


Use of the latest analytics tools

We utilise many software applications and data analytics to get a definitive view on how to improve SERP performance.

Implement and Optimise

We won’t just create a strategy and be done with it. The internet landscape and search engines are constantly updating and improving and that’s why our dedicated SEO consultant will continue to redefine and tweak your strategy to ensure your business keeps growing to take it to the next level.