CPD Accredited Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course, perfect for those starting out

Search & Social

Our Digital Marketing Fundamentals Course has been designed to be a perfect bridge between PPC, AdWords, Search Engine Optimisation and Social Media. Showing you how you can integrate and give you the confidence to become proficient in these areas.

In this one day course you will take on board the many different elements that make up the digital marketing landscape. With in-depth tutorials in applying SEO techniques to the strategies behind PPC, you will gain the foundation to which you can apply these techniques and strategies confidently. It will also give you a platform in which to further your studies if you so wish.


  • Terminology used
  • Introduction to Google Adwords/Bing Ads
  • Keyword strategy, structure & optimisation
  • Keyword research tools

PPC Fundamentals

  • Introduction to quality score & improvements
  • Auto & manual bid management
  • Match Types
  • Negative keywords
  • The display networks

Search Engine Optimisation Fundamentals

  • On-page optimisation
  • Off-page optimisation (backlinks)
  • Ratings & other factors

What Is Social Media?

  • Platform management hints & tips
  • Strategy & goals
  • Quick wins & avoiding the mistakes
  • Popular Social Platforms
  • Analytics & what to look for
  • Your first posts

Summary & Close