App design process

Great App Design starts with the business problem definition. What is the business challenge you are trying to solve? Who is the target audience and why? The Apps reason for being developed is the start of the process and from here the rest of the App UX, Development, Testing will be defined.

Customer targeting

Great App Design means the customer targeting has also to be very clear. Defining your target customer set is paramount and effects the design all the way through to the functionality. We work hard to get a clear idea of what you are trying to achieve and who you’re target audience is.

Development process

We work with you in an agile development process that keeps you in the loop all the way through the process. We develop a road map for the App so that you have a clear idea of how the App is defined in the future.

App UX

Great app design is very much the result of the specification and the target audience being defined at the start. The agile design process that we use enables a quicker time to market and keeps you in the loop all the way through the UX design process.

We create beautiful, functional designs that get great results for you because we use the latest in design and development techniques. The UX design techniques are changing frequently and we keep up with the latest UX design techniques to deliver award winning designs.


App development

We develop digital elements and optimise then to be found. Our app development process means we can build for all environments from iOS to Android. Because we are used to an open relationship with our clients we use the latest agile development methodology and we pride ourselves on the development, testing and deployment of the App.


App testing

Great App Design is only as good as the project management involved in the development. We use world leading project management to develop our apps with an agile approach to project management. The agile approach to great app design means that we can develop the apps and deploy them to live 53% faster than traditional app development. App testing is key and we use our knowledge to test all functionality with the target users and through our testing process.