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A brand is more than just a name and logo. A brand is developed from your customers experiences with your business. The values that you live within your business, the people your business employs and the promises it makes. All combine to build a brand over time.

Customer perceptions

Make sure the claims you make as a business are consistent with the delivery of the service of product. If your claims and your delivery are consistent then you gain trust. Keep doing this and your business will grow.

Brand everywhere

Your brand may have different perceptions in the mind of your customers than your brand message is trying to convey, this is a disconnect. To keep a handle on how your customers perceive your products and services we use the Net Promoter Score or a similar, easily applicable but highly indicative survey tool. There are many Survey Satisfaction tools some of which are self service software tools that can have huge benefits for your business. We use FEEFO as it has 360 degree feedback that is highly visible and has the advantage of providing some good SEO benefits for the business.

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Areas to help your brand excel

The brand strategy

It is key to have a credible business plan that goes hand in hand with your brand and what you are trying to achieve. An idea of your competition and the market you operate in also helps your brand to stand out.

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Great logo

Whether we are creating a new brand or a logo redesign, it must reflect the core values and stand out and appeal to your market and stand out amongst your competitors.

Getting the messaging right

It is important we clearly communicate the brand in the right way. So we need to establish your current audience and what is being said in the market, this way we can design a plan to communicate your message effectively.


Wherever your business resides, online and offline it is important people see a consistent brand image. This starts with a striking logo that is memorable for the viewer and used across all avenues where the brand name resides.

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