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How we improve your SEO to get you to #1 on the search engines

  • Analytics setup & implementation – We will set everything up so you can track improvements to traffic and other areas.

  • Keyword research including mapping to pages – We use our sophisticated and in-depth software tools to get to the heart of the best performing keywords for your industry, assigning them to the relevant pages.

  • Technical SEO Audit – This will help us to assess how other aspects of your website are performing such as crawlability and site speed, which all affect SEO.

  • Technical SEO corrections – Fixing the issues raised from the Technical SEO report.

  • Site speed optimisations – Website speed has become another huge ranking factor within Google. A survey done in 2015 found that the average time a user spends waiting for a website to load before leaving as no more than two seconds. Your webpages will be bought down to this speed threshold or lower using a number of industry leading techniques.

  • Website hierarchy review – We will look into how your website is structured currently and make changes based on best practices. This will improve crawlability and ranking.

  • Content research & creation – Content is considered a crucial ranking factor by Google. Our content team has years of experience in crafting unique, long-form content for any topic.

  • On-page content optimisation – Any pre-existing content will be optimised extensively for particular keywords.

  • Link building & link outreach – Another massive ranking factor, building up a respectable, powerful portfolio of relevant links is what we do best.

  • Campaign tracking & reporting – We will hold regular meetings to discuss campaign performance along with in-depth reports that provide useful information you won’t find anywhere else.

A professional team of SEO experts

Ready to help get the SERPs turning in your favour and resolve any issues that may arise.

A whole suite of tools we work with

Our professionals have years of experience with a multitude of different softwares and analytics tools, ready to help your website.

You’re in expert hands

With Digital Web World and our expertise in not only SEO, but Digital Marketing in general.

Your site optimised and ranking for strong performing keywords

Building the strategy

You may be scouring the web looking to get more from the search engines. The bottom line is, every business needs a strategy to move forward and Search Engine Optimisation is no exception. Digital Web World will sit down with you and design a strategy built around your websites goals, maximising ROI in the process.

Whether you are getting a website built from scratch with us or are already established and require an optimisation plan to be put into place from professionals in SEO. DWWorld have the experience and expertise to create a strategy that works and put it into action using the latest software tools to put you at #1 on the search engines.

Personalised around your business

We understand every business and website is different and not every SEO strategy will work for another site. That’s why we take the time to understand the different company’s we work with, deciding on the right optimisation techniques. That may include backlinking (drafting up sources of great backlinks to target, depending on the businesses industry), optimising header tags (H1, H2, H3 etc.), optimising on-page content (strong use of keywords and creation of unique content) and much more.

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Digtial Web World Local Pack Result

Local Search

Local, Local, Local! Nearly 65% of all our clients have a requirement for local search and getting to the very top of the local search engines.

We build to get you seen in your most important town, city or county.

Local businesses or consumers in your local area will require your business to be visible and get noticed, which means appearing for your products or services when they are searched for.

Local pack results are now more important than ever in Bing, Google and the various search engines. This importance on relevance in local search will continue as the search engine algorithms drive for even greater user experience.

Making an impact matters

Local search has increased in authority as a ranking signal and can’t be ignored. Here are some stats to back this up:

  • 50% of people doing a local search visited a store within a day
  • 18% of those searches lead to a purchase  within a day
  • 50% of people are searching for business information – Location / directions, number, email, website

Google’s updated local search algorithm and layout mean that more emphasis is placed on three results instead of 7, making it even more of a lucrative prospect to be found in the SERPs.

Why choose Digital Web World?

Many of our campaigns we get involved in are for businesses with a local search need and we derive most of our campaigns for this purpose. The term of GLOCAL, first phrased over 10 years ago is very true – think on a global scale but implement at a local level.

We have a dedicated team with a wealth of experience in all sorts of vertical markets. We know how to get you seen locally with weekly reports providing the KPI’s and how you are progressing. We work hard to ensure that what is delivered is a strategy that ensures your site gets noticed.

Its one thing being noticed and that’s great, but conversion optimisation is the real need here. We work hard to ensure that you do get the leads and conversions according to your business or service. Introducing our Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO).

Digital Web World were tasked with improving Cape Horn Engineering’s organic search visibility to increase their presence in the competitive market of yacht building/racing. We also had to fix the issues that were plaguing their website from improving.

“Organic traffic rose by 53% in the first month”

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Ready to optimise your website?


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

What is SEM?

SEM services take place after we have completed Search Engine Optimisation work on your site.

Our extensive SEM (Search Engine Marketing) services are based on world class standards that are tightly monitored and controlled through a powerful set of analytic suites. SEM services will provide a guaranteed improvement to get you into the very top positions of your website. Your SEM should all align to your business goals and the products or services you are selling. We work hard to drive traffic and make sure your SEM goal conversions you are working towards are achieved.

  • Submission to the major search engine – manually completed

  • Directory submissions to the relevant industry specific verticals you are in

  • Competitor audits looking at your competitors key word and search efforts

  • Backlink checking and audit scoring and benchmarking

  • Link Building pages created to improve SEO

  • Link requests to websites that have a higher Domain Authority and Trust Score

  • Technical copywriting to major directory services

  • Press Site releases and content written by our trained experts

  • Blog creation in major websites written by PR trained native speakers


Local Search

Mobile SEO


We won’t create a strategy that is only a couple of pages long. We carry out extensive site audits based around your goals as a business.


Use of the latest analytics tools

We utilise many software applications and data analytics to get a definitive view on how to improve SERP performance.

Up to date

We wont just create a strategy and be done with it. The internet landscape and search engines are constantly updating and improving. As any good agency knows, we will keep coming back to update the strategy to comply with the latest algorithm changes.

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