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Stand out from the crowd with an effective and innovative Social Media management & Ad campaign

Social Media Advertising

Using a social campaign to promote your business has never been more fruitful thanks to the many platforms now available. There’s never been a better time to spread your brand through the global channel of Social Media.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • plus many more

Let’s start establishing your brand presence around the globe today!

Social Media – How we do things

  • Social Media strategy – Create and implement a coherent social strategy that meets your business goals

  • Competitor analysis – Analyse the competition to put your business on top.

  • Brand reputation analysis – Build your reputation on Social Media to amplify future campaigns.

  • Audit & Recommendations – Analyse your current social performance to pinpoint areas for improvement

  • Account representative – Assign you one of our trusted Social Media experts to personally manage your campaign

  • Daily monitoring – Monitor your social progress and performance daily

  • Fast response – Provide excellent support to our clients in a timely manner

  • Access to multiple resources – Utilise our multiple Social Marketing resources in your campaign

  • Ratings, reviews & support management – Maintaining good customer relations is key, especially via Social Media which is more open to receiving feedback and support queries. We will manage this aspect for you, with your followers in mind.

  • Custom reporting & analytics each month – Along with the monthly consultation, you will receive a custom report for you to keep as reference.

Why is taking the right Social Media approach important?

While it may seem like a good idea to have an account on every platform out there, it’s not! We will help your business develop a bespoke social media strategy that meets your business goals and vision. The team will research, monitor, and optimised your strategy, ensuring the highest impact from your investment.

What Social Media can do for you

  • Increase brand awareness  Users will be able to find your brand much easier through Social Media platforms.
  • Contact potential clients – Social Media makes it easier to find potential prospects to market to.
  • Network with other businesses (potential partnerships) – Discover similar businesses or competitors who you could work with.
  • SEO benefits – Use of keywords and valuable backlinks to your website.

Contact us today to see how a social campaign could maximise your business potential 


Gain judgement

Find out how people engage with your content.

Who is making noise

The companies and brands who are making the biggest buzz on social media, and how you can get a piece of the action.

What content resonates with the reader

Favourites, re-tweets, likes, shares. Find out what posts generate the most interest.

Effective Social Media includes:

Strong presence

We will make sure you have a real impact on Social Media channels, so you look like an authority in your industry.

Social Media App Overload

Engagement with your customer base

Create compelling posts and engage with your followers encouraging them to visit your site.

Social Media with ROI in mind

What’s the point in investing in something if it’s not going to make you a strong return on what you invested. DWW put ROI on top so you can be sure Social Media works for you.

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