Project Description

Bywater PSCM are a specialist, UK based, training and consultancy business supporting the development and enhancement of clients’ commercial capabilities. They requested our Branding and Web Design services, so we started by developing the brand and more specifically the logo…

Target Market

Bywater’s target market are individuals in the private and public sectors looking to further their commercial skill set within their respective companies. With this in mind we designed a website that had all the functionality and look of modern sites but with a degree of business style so that users could easily find the right course for them whilst being pleasing to the eye.

What we did

Based on Bywater’s previous website we noticed that it needed to be functional and responsive for their clients who we were told regularly use old outdated internet softwares such as Internet Explorer 9 & below. This proved a challenge but we managed to optimise all the elements (graphics, text etc.) to have a modern look and feel, whilst retaining the responsiveness for older internet software. We created multiple contact forms to accommodate the clients needs and structured their training course layouts for ease of use.

Bywater PSCM Homepage Above The Fold