Project Description

Adeptis is a pure play recruitment company for the global cyber security sector

Adeptis is the world’s largest pure play, cyber security recruitment company, that finds extraordinary people to do extraordinary jobs. This specialist company is based in Hove but its brand, reach and market share is global.

Why does cyber security matter? Data breaches can affect anyone. It’s the cyber security companies that keep you and your data safe. In May 2018, many online household brands had lost more than 30,000 records. Cyber crime is a growing field predicted to cost the United States $155 billion. Britain will not be far behind. Adeptis Group will help you find cyber security experts to defeat the hackers and set up secure systems to encrypt your corporate data.

Remember, demand outstrips supply, there are more jobs in cyber security than job seekers so if you work in the sector, contact Adeptis to find the best people. The company recruits skilled senior staff to do some of the most sensitive jobs in the world across a range of industry sectors from cyber threat intelligence and digital forensics to risk management, compliance and audit. Adeptis Group uses next generation sourcing methods to find talent that HR, in-house talent acquisition teams and generalist recruiters like Reed jobs can’t find. 

The brief – Adeptis partnered with Digital Web World to build a new website, rebrand and grow their business.

Digital Web World partnered with Adeptis to make it the leading brand in cyber security ensuring that they acquire and retain the largest market share in their industry in the UK, across Europe and beyond. Their B2B relationship will last as long as Adeptis innovates and evolves to overcome competing market pressures.

Project objectives begins with understanding the cyber security client and their target audience

Digital Web World stands side by side with their clients immersing themselves in the client’s business and then building a new website using digital web design, managing their rebranding, marketing and advertising including pay per click to maximise productivity and growth.

Put simply, Digital Web World tells the world who Adeptis are, what they do and why they matter. Like many thriving businesses, staff at Adeptis focus on the job, not self-promotion. Our role is to manage all aspects of their digital online marketing to attract new cyber security B2B customers and jobseekers from around the globe. The team at Adeptis was involved at every stage of the process as an active partner.

Digital online marketing strategy for growth

If you’re in the cyber security industry, you will know about the Adeptis Group, not Reed jobs. And if you want to know one of their chief collaborators, meet Stephen Clark, founder and managing director of Digital Web World. As a digital marketing expert, he will ask you very quickly: “Can I help you develop a growth strategy and do you have the capacity to continue to grow?” He’ll ask you if you want media attention and if you want to win awards.

Adeptis doesn’t just operate in England, they’re a global brand working in France, the DACH German speaking region (Germany, Switzerland, Austria), Spain and they are looking for new markets every week. Mr Clark’s digital marketing experts can help you build a multi-lingual business, fit for purpose in the global village of the twenty first century. His team work around the clock to deliver a high spec product on time with a minimum of supervision, in this case rebranding your business for growth, developing a new website and a comprehensive digital online marketing strategy.

Personal client relationships for the long-term

Digital Web World employs digital marketing experts who prioritise client relationships and personal customer service above everything else. Mr Clark manages all these B2B relationships himself supported by a technical team of account managers, business analysts, developers, videographers and copywriters.

Results/ solutions

Rebranding your business is what Stephen Clark does to increase your market share while keeping a watchful eye on your budget.

Digital Web World created a fully functional, user friendly website which enabled Adeptis to post current job vacancies and easily get in contact with potential clients.

With the new website, Adeptis saw a 64% increase in speed through better server utilisation, specifically mirage compression and technical improvements to the pages so that JSS and CSS are restructured and ‘fetched’ less often.

We installed Cloudflare which is used by some of the best websites, web applications and mobile apps in the world, for example, zendesk, CISCO, mapbox and Digital Ocean. Cloudflare shields you with a complete layer of defence, including a built-in Web Application Firewall (WAF), to stop cyber-attacks of all types and sizes.

We also improved the user experience through the use of heat-maps to check customer sticking points on the internet.

We did this using Hotjar which is another state-of-the-art programme that provides heat-maps and recordings of user journeys. You can then track where your user spent most time on pages of your website and when they clicked away or closed down your page on their web browser.

We integrated a job feed that updates with new jobs as soon as the Adeptis team uploads them, allowing the user to start looking for a new role straight away. This integration of two websites is called Broadbean and it is a global portal for jobs. For example, if you are a pen tester, you will be invited to test the security of the IT system by trying to hack in to your client’s system to break it. You will also evaluate the risks associated with the client’s systems and architectural choices and make recommendations tailored to the client.

After the website went live, we could still add functionality and make improvements keeping in close contact with our clients to ensure long-term customer satisfaction.

Take advantage of our digital web design to develop a new website thereby rebranding your business. You will then attract new global B2B clients and become the leading pure play brand in your sector in the world like Adeptis.

Call Digital Web World today to discuss a comprehensive digital online marketing strategy from one of the South East’s leading agencies.