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Your Seasonal Guide to Content Marketing Success!

If you struggle to create engagement with your readers or struggle to drive traffic to your website, you may need to create an effective content marketing strategy.

But how? You ask me. It is not a process that can happen overnight. Creating content shouldn’t be taken lightly, it needs research and constant analysing to get right.

What people tend to forget is planning for the seasons, events and months. Many users love content that is relevant to something. For example, when the Christmas period is two-three months away, you should already be planning your Christmas content marketing strategy and have a detailed plan of when and what is going to be posted.

The Difficulty of Creating an Effective Strategy

It can be difficult to create a detailed strategy and stick to it, we understand a lot of businesses don’t have the time or resources to allocate, but it is worth in the long run.

This is why we have decided to create a content calendar that will help you to plan out your content strategy. With helpful notes and major holidays all accounted for, this is the ideal solution to your content marketing woes.

The calendar itself goes through to December 2017 so you can ensure your company gets a full year and half of planned, quality content that will drive traffic and encourage return visits.

How do I use the Calendar?

You may be wondering, well how do I use the calendar and why can’t I just use a normal calendar? The first answer is, it’s simple all you have to do is spare some time during your day to go through the calendar and plan out your content marketing efforts for that month. We have provided you with tips and ideas to boost your creativeness each month, distancing itself from being just a regular old calendar.

Another way you could do it is to develop a strategy that runs for 18 months with the next 6 months of content and topics and plans detailed, and the next rolling 12 months outlined. Review every week. Monday morning, Tuesday morning, get your content review in the diary. How many of us do it?

But Surely This is Going to Cost me Money

What’s amazing about this content calendar, it’s FREE! Yes you saw that right, FREE! We believe in offering value as a Digital Marketing Agency and this in-depth calendar we have created represents that.

Register your details below and receive your free content calendar shortly after.