Google AdWords Is Awesome!

Whether you are running a campaign to get your brand noticed or are looking at getting conversions. Google AdWords is awesome for a variety of reasons. Almost any business can effectively run ad campaigns and the AdWords tool makes it the easiest and most powerful way to do so.

Now I’m not saying Google AdWords is the definitive be all and end all of ad platforms, because there is Bing Ads and that is also a great tool in it’s own right. There is good and bad in anything, and I want to share the positives of AdWords from my experience with it.

1. Faster And More Simple Than SEO

Usually to see results from performing SEO on a website, you could wait months before there are any changes (if any). For Search Engine Optimisation to take effect, a website needs to be well established and earn links and authority the right way.

In AdWords you see results fast and can get impressions almost immediately. It is also a good way of judging if a keyword is worth targeting in organic search. For faster results which enable you to improve performance on your site quicker than SEO, Google AdWords is your friend.

As for why it’s more simple to use. PPC can be set and forget, whilst SEO requires consistent management and changes to keep up with the ever changing nature of it. AdWords is a really simple tool to use and is in one place, whereas SEO takes place with a variety of different software and complex tasks that require some training to understand.

2. Powerful Statistics

AdWords includes many statistics which you can measure campaigns by. Google gives you the freedom to pick and choose what metrics should be measured, giving you information as to what each does.

You are able to look at graphs, compare metrics against each other, link with Google Analytics and much more…

One of the most useful metrics Google has is quality score. This is used to measure keywords and ads. It influences the page rank and the CPC (cost per click) of an ad. It can be one of the best ways Google allows you to measure PPC campaigns by.

Having a lot of metrics to work with is good for the continuous development of a PPC campaign and website, giving a general sense of where improvements could be made. A keyword might not be working, bounce-rate may be too high etc.

3. Ability To Specify Who Sees Your Ads

A great way to save money in a PPC campaign is to only show ads to your target audience and not receive any wasted clicks by users who are not in the same area as your business.

Google AdWords gives you the simple settings to change devices targeted, Geo location and the exclusion of IP’s to help avoid wasting campaign money and reach your intended targeted audience.

4. Ad Creation Tool Is A Breeze To Use

AdWords makes it simple and intuitive to create ads. It gives you the guidelines to follow so that your ad meets Google’s standards and can be shown. Character limits are made clear and the ad preview lets you see what your creation will look like on the SERP (Search engine results page). If the ad doesn’t perform well, AdWords makes it easy to go back and make changes whenever you like.

If text ads are not what you require, the same intuitive treatment is applied to display and mobile ads as well.


Whether you do SEO, PPC or both. Google AdWords give you the tools necessary to create PPC campaigns that get clicks and convert. Of course SEO can’t be forgotten and shouldn’t be, but working alongside AdWords can help you become a real authority in your niche.

This is not a paid promotion for Google, these are just my personal reasons as to why I think Google AdWords is awesome and that doesn’t mean to say I think it is the only platform you should use. Everything has it’s good and bad points.

Let me know what you think about Google AdWords?

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